Author: Chloe Barkowski

How to Import Brushes into Procreate

How to Import Brushes into Procreate   I’m so excited to share my brush pack with you! I worked on it for a long time until they were perfect. For those of you coming from Etsy, I’ll show you how to import the brushes into Procreate with detailed steps. (And […]

Patriotic Bookmarks {FREE PRINTABLE!}

Patriotic Bookmarks {FREE PRINTABLE!} FREE PRINTABLE PATRIOTIC BOOKMARKS More free printable bookmarks for you to download and print! I made these in celebration of America’s birthday – I hope you enjoy! I love that these are so bright and colorful! Print them at home or at your local print shop […]

Free Printable Bookmarks

Free Printable Bookmarks FREE PRINTABLE BOOKMARKS I love to read. ❤️ I’ve been reading since I was four, and most of my spare time is spent curled up on the couch with a good book! 🙂 I especially love the Mandie books, and I have ALL the volumes. I always […]