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March Crafts for Preschoolers

March Crafts for Preschoolers Have you seen these toddler “scissors” that are self-opening and safe? Great for toddlers doing crafts!   :: PIN THESE MARCH CRAFTS FOR LATER! :: Check out these fun preschool activities, too!

healthy snacks for kids that are easy to make

Healthy Snacks for Kids that are Easy to Prepare

Healthy Snacks for Kids that are Easy to Prepare These snacks are all easy to prepare and packed with healthy nutrients, making them a great option for kids. Since so many of us are on-the-go, they are also portable, making them easy to have packed to take to school or […]

Free Music Worksheets PDF

Free Music Worksheets PDF These free music worksheet PDFs are written on a large staff so that students can easily practice notation. The goal is to “spell” the word correctly with musical notes. Music teachers play a vital role in helping their students develop a strong understanding of music theory, […]

Free Printable Color Matching Worksheet

Free Printable Color Matching Worksheet Color matching is a beneficial activity for preschoolers as it helps to develop their cognitive and fine motor skills. It allows them to practice identifying and matching different colors, which can help to improve their visual perception and memory. Additionally, it helps to develop their […]

How to Use a Weekly Planner

Weekly planners can be incredibly helpful tools for staying organized and on top of your tasks and appointments. By providing a dedicated space to plan out and track your weekly activities, weekly planners can help you stay focused and avoid getting overwhelmed by a long to-do list. Here are a […]

The Best Kids Cookbooks | Good Cookbooks for families | Kids first cookbooks | Best cookbooks for kids | Baking cookbooks for kids | Our favorite 10 kids cookbooks!

10 Kids Cookbooks that we Love!

There are many reasons why it’s good for kids to learn to cook. First and foremost, cooking is a valuable life skill that kids can use throughout their lives. By learning how to prepare and cook food, kids can become more independent and self-sufficient, and they can also save money […]

Treble Clef Tracing Worksheet PDF | Bass Clef Tracing Worksheet PDF | How to draw a treble clef worksheet | How to draw a bass clef worksheet | Free PDF on Moms Printables blog!

Treble and Bass Clef Tracing Worksheets

Treble and Bass Clef Tracing Worksheets These free clef tracing worksheets are large notation, perfect for kids just learning their clefs and how to draw them. Arrows are drawn to show where to start and in which direction you draw – so even someone not familiar with drawing clefs can […]

Christmas Tree Preschool Craft

Kids will love making this Christmas Tree Preschool Craft that they can decorate with supplies you probably already have on hand! My 3-year-old and her cousin chose sequins and glitter glue to make their Christmas Tree Craft super sparkly and “sooo beautiful.” 😄 Christmas Tree Preschool Craft This cute little […]

Christmas Cookie Garland {FREE PRINTABLE}

Christmas Cookie Garland {FREE PRINTABLE} One of my favorite areas to decorate for the holiday is my mantle. This year I have a berry garland mixed with lights on top. Strung below that, I printed these adorable Christmas cookies that my daughter drew on the iPad (she uses the Procreate […]

Printable Cookie Exchange Recipe Cards

Printable Cookie Exchange Recipe Cards Getting together with your friends for a cookie swap? These printable cookie exchange recipe cards are ready to download. Either print from home, or have a store like Staples or Office Max print them on cardstock for you (they’re inexpensive). Cookie swaps/cookie exchanges are such […]